Perforated metal sheet, operable as screening and shading device


München Moosach, Deutschland


Residential building

Work carried out by ims

Concept of the louvre system, shading studies, project support and client handover.


Solar shading, facade design and creation of privacy with object-specific, perforated metal louvres. Movable slats alternate with fixed elements. The coloring of the slats dominates the color concept of the building. Depending on the louvre angle of the slats, different reflection images result, an optical effect desired by the customer. The motorized louvre areas are embedded into the building management system via KNX bus. Escape doors and smoke and heat ventilation openings are incorporated into the system providing the same visual appearance.


UNIMET's tailor-made unishad-ML system was designed in close collaboration with architects and builders and has been applied to all four façade elevations. The slats show a special perforation pattern, developed by the architectural office. The final design resulted from several samples. The less perforated lower louvre area ensures privacy, while the greater hole portion in the upper louvre area enhances daylight supply. The moving mechanical items and the lower bearing points are hidden away and integrated in the entire facade. The slats are made of aluminum sheet, multi-fold and anodized in C31 / light bronze. The slat width measures 220mm, identical on all louvres.


Beer Bembé Dellinger

Architekten und Stadtplaner GmbH


Andreas Fettinger Fotografie, Timelkam