ims - Planning and project engineering of highly efficient building envelopes

Modern facade technology provides its users a high level of convenience while minimizing operational costs. The innovative, multilayered concepts efficiently regulate energy flows, ensure optimized daylight utilization, provide natural ventilation, protect from the cold in winter, and prevent overheating in the summer.

We are committed to the following priorities in the planning stage:

ims - The Integral planning approach in guaranteeing optimal project implementation

A close interaction and cooperation between clients, architects, engineers and building contractors optimizes our outcomes in all respects. We commit ourselves to and are ardent supporters of the integrated design approach. Our excellent network of professionals covers services from across the trades.

Are you a building contractor, architect or planning specialist, general contractor, facade or metal worker and need assistance in the above disciplines? Then you are in good hands with us. 

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Energiefassade aktiv ǀ photovoltaisch

Passive energy facades
- shading -

Energiefassade passiv | beschattend

Active energy facades
- photovoltaic -

Energiefassade aktiv ǀ solarthermisch

Active energy facades
- solar thermal -